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Wax Services

The million dollar question when it comes to waxing is do it hurt?

A:  It may be a little uncomfortable but  every experience is different depending on the person tolerance.

Q:How Long should the Hairs Be ?

A:1/4 to 1/8 of an inch long .(the length of a rice grain.)

Q: What If I Shaved?

A:If you shaved you have to wait 2 weeks for hair to grow out .

Q:Should I exfoliate ?

Yes can gently exfoliate 24to 48 Hours before waxing & 24 hours after wax.

Q:Do I need to cut down hair if to long?

A:Remember the hair need to be a certain length so that wax can attach to hair ,so my recommendation is to allow your technician to cut down for you.

After Wax Service

Avoid products containing retinoids,& glycolic acid on any area that you want waxed.

Avoid touching freshly wax skin 

Avoid exercise for 24 hours 

Avoid tight clothes immediately after wax 

Avoid Sauna ,Sun , pools immediately after wax

Avoid heavy thick lotions after wax can clog open pores.

Exfoliate  with Beautifullyflawed exfoliation pads to help prevent ingrown

Facial Facts

Q: What is  Derma planning?

A:Derma Planning is effective exfoliating treatment that creates an even healthy glow .

Q:Is Derma Planning for you ?

A:Derma Planning Is recommended for all skin types 

Q: Will Derma planning make the hair grow back thicker or darker ?

A:Everyone is  different and although it may feel different because its cut straight across it's still the same texture and grows at the same speed.

Q:Is there any down time ?

A: No 

Q:How long does it take ?

A: 40 mins 

Q:How Long Do derma planning last ?

A: The procedure removes 3 weeks dead skin so your glow can last up to 4 weeks 

Q: How often should it be done ?

A: Once a month 

Q: What do derma planning improve?

A: Acne scarring,hyperpigmentation,removal of fine hairs,healthier looking skin.

What's Derma planning Cons


Shouldn't be done if hormone imbalance


Inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema & psoriasis

Chemical Peels

Q: What is Chemical Peeling ?

A:Chemical Peeling is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin & intended to remove the outermost layer of the skin.

Q: How Long do a peeling last ?

A:Usually 3-5 days depending on treatment .

Q:What should I use after Peel?

A:Gentle cleanser , moisturizer and sun screen . Its very important it can help speed up healing process.

Q: Can face be washed after peel?

A:wait 24hrs and use mild soap with no salicylic acid or hydroxy acid.

Q:Is chemical peel good for Acne ?

Yes A TCA peel or phenol chemical peel 

Both are able to resurface the treated skin enough to eliminate appearance of acne scars.

Q:What is a light chemical Peel?

A:Glycolic acid or AHA Peel are light chemical peels thats non invasive and removes the upper layers of dead & damaged skin and encourage skin regeneration.Light chemical Peels are also great for fine lines , chronic dry skin and uneven pigmentation.

Differences between the Glycolic, Lactic Salicycic or Hyaluronic acid .

Glycolic is the most common AHA Acids it's good for flaky dull skin & hyper pigmentation and its a proven anti-aging properties.

Lactic Acid is for sensitive skin it moisturize and exfoliate at the same time.

Hyaluronic Acid simply gives moisture to the skin.Its does not dissolve dead skin.

More Beautiful Flawed Facts

Q:Whats the difference between Vitamin  Serums?

Vitamins C&E is an antioxidant its function is to protect you skin against sun damage .Vitamin E absorbs the harmful UV light from the sun .

What is Vitamin A ?

Vitamin a is A group of compounds that includes active forms like retinol, retinal acid & carotids like beta carotene which is another form of vitamin A that we can get directly from plants we eat.

Q: what do Vitamin A do ? Slow down the sign of aging & protects against UV damage. Vitamin A also clears up acne & breaks down it collagen to contribute to fine line and saggy skin.

Q:when should these vitamins be used?

Small Amounts twice a day depending on skin type.

Vitamin A , Women 700mcg daily 

Men 900mcg Daily .